Addison Truck and Trailer Repair
Addison Truck and Trailer Repair


Full-Service Maintenance and Repair Shop

With over ten years of combined experience, our truck and trailer repair shop serving fleet customers throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois, and all Midwest District.
500 S Lombard Road, Addison, IL, 60101
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Addison Truck and Trailer Repair

ATTR is the most modern heavy equipment repair shop in the great Chicagoland.

We start our shop more than ten years ago as a small shop for our fleet. Over the years, our fleet grows to a large trucking company with more than 400 units. As a result, we grow as well.

Now we have more than 22 repair bays 30 mechanics, 10 road service mobile units and towing service. Every day we starting new 12 hours shift but mobile units working 24/7.

Most of our mechanics are working in the shop for more than seven years, and we consider ourselves one big family.
In the shop, we specialize in everything. Any engine, suspension or transmission, body works is not a big deal for our specialists, any welding job aluminum or steel, frameworks or chassis.

We take each customer like a family member because we are also truck drivers! And we know what it is taking to be over the road.
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We are dedicated to providing quality and personalized service. We employ the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure "Quality Diagnostic and Unique Experience."
Services - Addison Truck and Trailer Repair
Annual DOT Inspection
Computer Diagnostics
Electrical Repair
Fuel Injectors
Body Work
Oil Change
ABS Repair
AC Repair
Engine Overhauls

Complete Refrigerators Repair

Our technicians have many years of experience specializing in refrigerated trailer units.

We perform all kinds of repairs from the small, simple restoration or pm service to more significant challenging repairs like compressor, condenser, exhaust manifold replacement.

We also perform electrical wiring harness repairs that connect the unit to the micro board. We provide high-quality diagnostics and repairs to get every driver in and out promptly.
Complete refrigerators repair
Thermo King

Emergency Road Services & Towing Assistance

Towing Services with Load Recovery Service available 24/7 days 365 days Reloading Redocking Restacking
States: IL, WI, MI, IN
Emergency Road Services & Towing Assistance

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Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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